Scarlett Georgiades

My little journey of being a mum started the end of April 2017 when I found out I was pregnant....which is a journey in itself! My whole entire pregnancy my midwife casually told me my heart rate was the same as baby's, and I didn't think anything of it..... she said it was fine.

Then as my belly grew bigger and bigger, I had more appointments, because I was high risk due to having cervical treatment a couple of years before. However, they told me if I make it full term when I go into labour they will drop my high risk status. Even though every other health professional would say "owww ur heart rate"......and before they finished their sentence I would say "yes, I know , my midwife said its fine"...

So they all took my word for it.......... and low and behold I'm in labour!! (induced) 2 weeks over, but amazing! So there's me thinking YES I get my water birth because I'm no longer high risk....but unfortunately not quite. Mid contraction a heart surgeon walks into my room and says, "I'm really sorry to tell you this, but you have a major heart condition that needs seeing to as soon as this baby is born."

As you can imagine this was not the time or place to be told ANYTHING, especially that!! Anyhow, I don't get my dream water birth, instead I get everything I never ever wanted; on my back, needles everywhere, strapped to an ECG the entire labour, stitches, and about 10 people watching me give birth ready for 'worst case'......but regardless, my son arrived healthy and I was in love, nothing else mattered at that point!

A couple days later when they finally let me leave, I was home trying to start my new little journey. A week later I got a letter through with a list of heart appointments, to be honest, I actually thought they was all over reacting because I felt fine. A week after that I was rushed to hospital with badddd mastitis (both boobs, poison levels too high) and there I am getting treated when in come more heart surgeons telling me I'm lucky to be alive. At this point I knew they were not joking, one doctor kindly explained a few things it could be and none of them seemed OK; shortly after they began investigating.

I sat down with my cardiologist and he told me I was very very verrrrrrryy lucky to be alive, he was surprised I made it to 28 years of age. He told me my BPM was over double to rate it should be even in my sleep, he then went on to tell me, I needed this particular operation, as soon as possible. I asked him what would happen if I didn't, his reply, "you could die. It's that simple". I then stupidly asked "could I die if I had the operation?" his answer"yes" there I was, this brand new, first time mummy completely crushed; I asked for some time to think about it. I cried every night worrying.....what if I didn't wake up for my son, I cried every bath time, what if I collapse now while his having his bath and I'm alone, I cried every time I was walking up stairs holding my son, I cried looking at him, wondering if I'd get to see him grow up, what would he look like in the future, will I ever was such a dark time for me when it shouldn't have been that way.

I figured I was worrying too much about what ifs and decided I needed to have the operation to try give my son a future with me in it. Fast forward to the the operation day........I cried all the way up to the point they put me to sleep (still, crying lol, by the way, I've never cried this much - I do normally cope quite well haha!). Anyway, the surgery was a success!! Although there's still a 5% chance it can come back, not a big % but still a chance. (Arrhythmia, Supraventricular Tachycardia SVT) I should probably add in before I move on to next part.

The day of my op was the only time I'd ever been away from my son and still is (he is 15 months now) and I already feel like I have separation anxiety, it's going to be hard to break that which will be another story for you. As he was breastfed the hospital let my partner stay at hospital with him, and they bought him straight to me when I woke......I begged them to let me go home so I didn't spend the night or any nights away from my son, (4.5 months old) and finally they let me home late at night on strict bed rest orders for 2/3 weeks and 3 months slow recovery (no fast walking, avoid stairs etc) no holding baby without support (which didn't last long).

Two months had gone by and I was slowly but surely getting back to 'normal' finally I could relax, things where getting great, although my body stopped me doing some stuff. I had my son and my partner, we was about to move out of Basildon to Witham to our new family home, and things were just great..

Until I pick up my phone one morning, and I had 5 missed calls from a London number.......strange. It was 8.30am and normally my partner would have text me, but hadn't. I originally thought, his forgot again, so I call him, no answer.

I called him again and the phone answers, I can hear his voice, but not any words, a lady then comes onto the phone and she begins to tell me she is a paramedic and my partner Is being rushed to White Chapel hospital in London. It's not good and I need to get there asap.......he had been in a serious motorbike accident. As you can imagine I was panicked, my heart was beating out of control and I was trying to keep it together for my son.

I got to the hospital and they kept me waiting for hours, eventually after asking every doctor and nurse that passed me, I speak to a doctor and he tells me my partner is being prepped for an emergency operation, his leg was hanging off. I got to see him briefly, but he had to have so many operations (that literally lasted days) and in the meantime I moved house, and finally a few weeks later he was let home.

It's September 2018, and it's been hit and miss with him keep or losing his leg, to date his still got his leg and his finally using 1 crutch, but can't stand on it for too long. Days out as a family are tough, actually everything is tough, its not been easy at all, our poor son almost lost his mum and his dad in his 1st year of life.

It's been so hard but against all our odds our son laughs all day, in between tantrums and teething, but we are here, alive, healthy and breathing, we are blessed. I wasn't looking for this journey, but it's what we've been given and we've handled it.

Another day is a blessing, sure the tantrums are hard, the teething damn right sucks but least I'm experiencing it, it could have been a very different story to tell.

To date, my hearts beating 'normally' its going to take a couple years for my body to sync because I was 'born this way ;)' but I'm coping well running after a toddler. My partner is doing well, his down to 1 crutch out and about thanks to his physiotherapist, he can kick a soft ball to our son; he can't run yet but his learning.

His skin graft has taken so well, just waiting for the orthopedics and plastic surgeons to check him out and send him on his way for now. Our son is thriving, his full of so much happiness, you would never ever know the struggles we've had just by spending the day with Mylo. We've done our absolute best to try remain positive through it all.

Hard times are not past us, I'm sure we have many more coming but it's not what life throws at you, it's how you deal with it that makes you who you are. Here's how I see it, we've just developed skills we can pass onto Mylo!