Don’t underestimate the job your doing as a parent

Courtney Scarlett

As parents we have our high and low moments. We have those moments where we doubt everything we do and we feel like we aren’t good enough. Well, we are! And it’s important that we remind ourselves.

A few months back I was having a rough day. I think it was as simple as the washing being piled high and the kids having a few more tantrums than usual. Then I received an email from my husband 💌

Thank you for providing for our children, and going to work every day…

For buying them new clothes as they grow

For ensuring they have their uniform clean and washed for school everyday

For making sure they are set for school every single day

For ensuring they are picked up by their favourite person every day without fail

For making friends with their friends Mums and Dads so they feel comfortable with their friends For enrolling them in after school clubs so they can have fun and learn more skills

For dealing with the tantrums and the moodiness every day in the best way

For telling them off making sure they keep in line

For playing games with them making sure they love being at home

For buying food they like so they can stuff their face on demand

For being there to pick them up when they are ill at school

For looking after them when they are too ill to go to school

For cuddling them when they just want to sit and watch tv

For making sure they can go on the school trips

For attending the school trips so they feel secure and proud

For reading every week at the school, so they see their Mummy at their school

For making sure they miss out on absolutely nothing

For attending every play and sports day and more importantly making sure I attend every play and sports day

For washing their clothes

For making their beds For tidying their rooms

For knowing what they like and what they don’t

For knowing what their homework is

For knowing who their friends are

For making sure they go to their friends parties

For organising their own birthday parties

For dedicating your Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays to the kids having a good time

For attending all the parents evenings

For absolutely everything else that you do as a Mum

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg! Never underrate what you do for our family and more importantly our children. You have the hardest job around, not everyone can do it, but you do it as well as doing everything else around the house, with the bills and being creative with your crafts and now your channel!

Love you! ❤️

And just like that I was crying. I was crying, but I felt better, I believed that he meant all these things and you should believe them too because what we do everyday as parents is not easy and we need reminding of how amazing we are.

From crying babies to tantruming toddlers and then moody teenagers. The job as a parent, while unbelievably rewarding, is the hardest one out there. So never underestimate the job you do as a parent.